Thursday, 9 December 2010

Christmas timeeeeeeee

mistletoe and wineeeeeeee weeee
I love christmas. I don't care about the food, or anything.
I just love it.
the atmosphere, so happy.

butttt, i hate buying gifts.
i'm so shit at it.
I know that I'm buying my mum the absolutely fabulous boxset, but my dad, what do i buy him?
I hateeee buying gifts for males.
why are they so difficult...
ideas, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Things with the friend have kinda calmed down abit. She's still with the jerk though, claiming he's really changed this time. -___-
ignorance ey?
but whatever, i'm keeping out of their business, and getting on with my own...

I get to go home next week weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
though the 5 hour plane trip might kill me...

I have an assignment from hell, about my strengths and development needs about being an undergrad psych student...
now I HATE writing about myself.
I can't do it.
Particularly since I don't have any confidence and pretty much hate every damn thing about me.
so yea, this week will be fun...
Enter bullshitting mode...
If you have any pointers aswell, I would appreciate it greatly...

Sorry I haven't commented back yet or anything!!
I haven't really had any time to myself, except now, hence no posting either
I've only just finished one assignment and it's on the the next...
To be fair, even the other one isn't 100% finished

Anyway, no, happy thoughts, weeeeeeeeeeeee
christmasssss, homeeee, my beddd, my carr.
home <3

Sooo now tell me... any exciting plans for xmass?
or just the usual family gatherings pretending to be normal?

Monday, 29 November 2010


Why is life like the movies... As soon as stuff starts going right, you get that eerie creepy music and you know shit's about to go down.
And of course it does.

I think I mentioned in my other blog about my bajillion fights with my (ex?) best friend about her and her jackass of a boyfriend.
It escalated on so many level saturday night and ended up with me crying hystericaly outside in the freezing cold trying to catch my breath for 2 hours.

I don't know if I was crying because I kinda realise that everything she wrote was true, or if it's because i know I've actually lost her and this time there's no going back.
either way, it really hurt.
It still does.
So what do i got do saturday night? get drunk.
What to I do tonight? Get stoned.
It felt good.
well, it felt better.

gonna be productive tomorrow,
Finish off work, make a food plan, go food shopping (but healthy food!), hoover/clean room, do washing up, wash some clothes.
Yeaaa the whole lot.
Chances of me actually doing any of those? probably 0
but i'll try my best.

Other than the fight with the friend my weekends been ok, was in London for it, got to see some friends and family which was nice. Made me feel a little at home.

Just trying to chill now and sort some stuff out, calm my head.
I don't know, should I email her again and apologise?
Should I just forget it and she if she emails me? Well she wont...
arggg I don't know what to do.
help me.
What would you do?

Thursday, 25 November 2010


Could it be? 2 posts in one day? Make that, 3 hours :p
I'm an insomniac.
And my best work and motivation kicks in at 6am.

Anywho, I've been feeling rather hectic lately, so I thought that I better start organising myself.
First of all I have too many email accounts. 3 gmail, 1 hotmail.
All for different things, just confusing me.
Solution; link all emails to 1 account and handle them from there.
Move all existing emails to a sub-folder called 'Oldstuff' giving me a squeaky clean, empty inbox.
Cancel all subscriptions from useless websites that I don't use anymore to avoid all the scam.

Secondly, I 'deleted' one of my friends from my life. Shit was getting too heated. We've been having so much trouble since the start of summer. Every week a new fight.
No sir, no more.
No more bbm, no facebook, no calling me, nothing.
I'm not being harsh I promise. I've given her a bajillion chances to set things right, she's fucked up every single one of them.
enough is enough.
(admittedly I should have drawn the line a few months back like everyone else did, but what can I say, I'm a sucker for love :p )

That's all  I've done for now, but it's been one night. I'm not superwoman. (I am however, batman. but that's a whole other story)

To Do:
-Write notes for all the lectures I'm behind on, and just generally start studying like a good little student.
-Go out more and get drunk to blow off steam. Seriously, I miss my life.
-uhmmmmmmmmmmm I don't know.
Give me ideas to help  me on life!!!!


Today I was getting all these random flashbacks from my childhood, got me thinking if I used to have some sort of learning disability 'back in the day'.

I kept remembering how my aunties & uncles would do little 'exercises' with me about numbers and shapes, roman numerals, multiplication etc. and I had a tutor for english and stuff.
I remember walking into class and feeling triumphant over the fact that I might know how to do things better than the other kids, but for some reason, they still had it all nailed down.

I mean, I know I probably didn't, it's just weird.

Anyway, I'm FINALLY starting this blog up, so hello followers :)
If you enjoy my random ramblings, please do reccomend my blog.

I'll start with a short introduction.

Name's Layla. 19.
Studying psychology in the UK.
Tattoos; 2.
Secret passions? Photography, Warmth, Chinese food.
Manic-depressive but getting there.

Yea that's me.
Psh, I wish.

But more importantly, who are youuu?