Thursday, 9 December 2010

Christmas timeeeeeeee

mistletoe and wineeeeeeee weeee
I love christmas. I don't care about the food, or anything.
I just love it.
the atmosphere, so happy.

butttt, i hate buying gifts.
i'm so shit at it.
I know that I'm buying my mum the absolutely fabulous boxset, but my dad, what do i buy him?
I hateeee buying gifts for males.
why are they so difficult...
ideas, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Things with the friend have kinda calmed down abit. She's still with the jerk though, claiming he's really changed this time. -___-
ignorance ey?
but whatever, i'm keeping out of their business, and getting on with my own...

I get to go home next week weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
though the 5 hour plane trip might kill me...

I have an assignment from hell, about my strengths and development needs about being an undergrad psych student...
now I HATE writing about myself.
I can't do it.
Particularly since I don't have any confidence and pretty much hate every damn thing about me.
so yea, this week will be fun...
Enter bullshitting mode...
If you have any pointers aswell, I would appreciate it greatly...

Sorry I haven't commented back yet or anything!!
I haven't really had any time to myself, except now, hence no posting either
I've only just finished one assignment and it's on the the next...
To be fair, even the other one isn't 100% finished

Anyway, no, happy thoughts, weeeeeeeeeeeee
christmasssss, homeeee, my beddd, my carr.
home <3

Sooo now tell me... any exciting plans for xmass?
or just the usual family gatherings pretending to be normal?


  1. Just the normal family gathering for me! I love it though :) Just not the food. Obviously.

    It's always so hard to buy for guys! I never know what to get my dad, and I always just end up asking him what he wants. Big surprise for him when he opens his presents on Christmas morning, huh? Oh well. Good luck shopping!

  2. A gift for your dad? I find it easy to buy my a perfume for a male friend, for instance, Hugo Boss. If you're with a budget, why not his favourite Music CD? or Movie of the year? If your dad wears alot of formal wear, get him cuff links or a tie from TieRack. Is your dad into history? get him a book by andrew marr (they are on offer at waterstones) or get him any good read.

    I hope this has helped! :)


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