Thursday, 25 November 2010


Today I was getting all these random flashbacks from my childhood, got me thinking if I used to have some sort of learning disability 'back in the day'.

I kept remembering how my aunties & uncles would do little 'exercises' with me about numbers and shapes, roman numerals, multiplication etc. and I had a tutor for english and stuff.
I remember walking into class and feeling triumphant over the fact that I might know how to do things better than the other kids, but for some reason, they still had it all nailed down.

I mean, I know I probably didn't, it's just weird.

Anyway, I'm FINALLY starting this blog up, so hello followers :)
If you enjoy my random ramblings, please do reccomend my blog.

I'll start with a short introduction.

Name's Layla. 19.
Studying psychology in the UK.
Tattoos; 2.
Secret passions? Photography, Warmth, Chinese food.
Manic-depressive but getting there.

Yea that's me.
Psh, I wish.

But more importantly, who are youuu?

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